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DoCash Tempo 5SL

Easy and convenient updated version DoCash Tempo 5SL is equipment for cashier work stations. DoCash Tempo guarantees a high level of safety of cash handling operations.


  • Three slots with time delay settings
  • Deposited banknotes are in the storage center drawer in a special 5-section case. Cassette equipped with carrying handle with the possibility of sealing
  • Ability to connect security alarm

Placing bills in to the case is performed by sliding them through one of the slots on the top. The cashier is not obliged to open the register in order to nish the transaction.

Depositing areas are equipped with guides that direct the bill into the correct slot


  • Convenient location – under cashier’s desk
  • Body is made of 2 mm steel covered with wear-proof varnish and paint
  • Bottom drawer is secured by protective steel plate, excluding any type of access to deposited bills even when the top drawer is open
  • Various time delay settings for each drawer
  • When security alarm goes o or panic button is activated all drawer locks are blocked for 30 minutes


  • Floor anchor bolting
  • Connection to a complex security system to prevent unauthorized opening

Number of drawers 3
Time-delay, min Up to 30
Denominations 5
Cassettes capacity,notes 4000
Locks electromechanical
Ethernet Optional
Power supply, W 70
Power consumption, V/Hz 220/50
Overall dimensions, mm v
Net weight, kg 80

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