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DoCash 3300 Value

DoCash 3300 Value currency counting machine - flawless counting of mixed banknotes + genuineness detection by every available main security feature


  • Counting with simultaneous genuineness detection
  • Genuineness detection and counting of mixed banknotes
  • Accumulative counting
  • Sorting by denomination


  • Counting of mixed banknotes with summary results for each denomination or all banknotes
  • Sorting by denomination
  • Highest level of genuineness detection without dependence on note orientation. Ability to detect
  • Support of 18 currencies
  • Ability to print detected serial numbers of banknotes or saving the data on PC
  • Accessible track for easy maintenance and cleaning of sensors and mechanisms
  • Ability of quick software and firmware upgrade via SD card in case of new banknote emission
  • Variable counting speed (up to 1500 notes per minute) for detecting banknotes of any thickness or
    surface type
  • Adjustable sensors sensitivity for detecting banknotes depending on their fitness quality
    Large capacity stacker (up to 200 notes)
  • Successful test results from European Central Bank (including new 20 EURO banknotes)

Counting speed 800/1000/1500 banknotes per minute
Feeder capacity 300 banknotes
Stacker capacity 200 banknotes
Display Monochrome LCD
Note size 120-187 mm (width); 50-85 mm (length)
Detection types CIS, UV, IR image, visible image, MG, optical thickness
Power 100-240V, 50/60 HZ
Dimensions 271×254×284 mm
Weight 7,5 kg
Size (WхDхH), mm 280*300*304
Weight, kg 12
Power consumption, W 90
Power supply, V/ Hz 220/50

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