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Banknotes protection properties as exemplified by production of DoCash company

Having started to study cash-handling equipment of DoCash company, customers often wonder, how reliable is DoCash company equipment in counterfeit "catching".

It should be pointed out that DoCash equipment can be divided to 2 main types:

  1. For manual check. This type includes all counterfeit detectors, like DoCash 025, DoCash 531, DoCash Mini, DoCash Micro , DoCash Lite D, DoCash BIG and DoCash BIG D
  2. For automatic check . Automatic check is performed by: Banknote counters DoCash 3300, DoCash 3400 , DoCash 3000 , DoCash 3040 and automatic banknote detectors DoCash CUBE , DoCash Golf , DoCash 4SCAN , DoCash 430

Further on, each equipment has its own banknote properties detection sensors and meanings which allow to determine banknotes authenticity. Let's consider them more closely.
Here is given a decoding of abbreviations of names of detection, which you can see in a model's name, and a brief description of this detection and a visual image.

CIS (Contact image sensor) – this scanning technology is based on direct receiving of light flux, reflected from original surface or passed through the banknotes, by light sensitive sensors, without using of intermediate system of mirrors and lenses. CIS-scanners light sensitive

elements line is of the same width as scanning operating field. And it's located as close to scanned surface as possible, hence the word "contact" in its abbreviation.

Each scanned line is lighted by one (monochrome image) to three lines of LEDs (RGB image). Reflected light, passing through micro lenses, falls on light-sensitive elements. Image information, by means of ADC, is converted to digital code, then it is handled and transmitted to decision-making block of the device.

Equipment with CIS: DoCash 3300 , DoCash CUBE


MG magnetic protection properties test complex checking for the presence of painting, containing ferromagnetic pigment - painting, showing magnetic properties.

Presence of this pigment on the banknote causes audio signal when this pigment is sensed by magnetic sensor . US dollars have several oddly shaped magnetic areas

Euro banknotes have magnetized security thread, number and image element.

MT - magnetic thread properties check

Windowed metallized thread

Metallized protective thread is present in the paper of banknotes. On the reverse of the banknote protective thread has the shape of dashed line. When this thread is held to light it looks like solid dark band.

Philippine peso

Equipment with MG&MT sensors : DoCash 3400 HD SD/UV/MG , DoCash 3300 , DoCash CUBE , DoCash BIG D , DoCash 430 .


UV – ultraviolet light check

Ultraviolet machinereadable protection sign is divided to two types of physical properties: luminescence property and fluorescence property .

Luminescence properties on the banknotes show themselves as glowing of luminophors of image elements, applied with special paint. In practice, it looks as the following:

Banknote in visible light

 Banknote in ultraviolet light


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