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О компании DoCash
Новости компании
22 Jul 2015 | 
DoCash GmbH company releases brand new coin counter for 2015 – DoCash913
17 Jul 2015 | 
DoCash Golf – the automatic detector, which successfully performed at European Central Bank.

Новинки оборудования Новинки оборудования
DoCash DC-50F
Banknote Counters
New 2-pocket (1+1) Fitness Banknote Sorter
DoCash DC-50V
Banknote Counters
New 2-pocket (1+1) Banknote Sorter
DoCash Cube
Automatic banknote detector with auto-feed function. Portable denomination counter.
DoCash 3040/ 3040 UV
Banknote Counters
Rear-feed Banknote Counter
For distributors
DoCash company invites to cooperation the companies from all over the world who distribute cash handling and banking equipment on the local market.

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